1+ years later...

So I'm not very good at keeping up a blog...oh well. Here's some recent picts.

Welcome Liam Robert...

This is our newest addition...Liam Robert.
He joined our wild bunch of boys on August 19th at 8:28 am. He was 8lbs 2.3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Every time I thought of Liam, I called him my "little leo" because that's his zodiak sign.
So cute outfits with lions was a must for this little guy.
This is his "hospital picture"...what a silly pose.
Me and my sweet baby boy...I'm so glad he's here!

My maternity photos...thank you Bonnie!!!

A huge THANK YOU to my sister in law Bonnie...
having my pictures taken when I was pregnant is something I always wanted to do but never did. She is very talented...check out her webpage/blog at www.bonnielovespicturesphotography.com

I love this one in the red dress...the black dress is Bonnie's favorite...the black & white represents all my pregnancies (in my mind anyway).

There are so many great photos, it's amazing!

Bonnie made me feel beautiful...we had a great time taking these pictures!
I felt like a model...

"Pyrate Invasion" at the Ren Faire...

Ethan was such a cute pirate. He truly loved roaming around, waving his sword and growling "Arggh" to every pirate he saw. Complete strangers kept asking to take his picture!

Aydan shows off his pirate bead necklace.

Gavin & Aydan picked an oyster which contained a beautiful pink pearl...we put it inside a special necklace for Mommy to wear.

Ethan stood in the center of it all with the pirate...he's never afraid of pirates (he thinks he is one!). The crowd LOVED him...so did the photographer from the faire...maybe he'll be in next years flyers or web pages!

These pirates are showing off their fierce stance.

Digging for buried treasure...Arggh!

Gavin shows how he enjoyed a "hammer" turkey leg! Aydan and Daddy shared it with him.

Aydan & Gavin joined the Queen in a pirate's pose.

Ethan finally was so exhausted he fell fast asleep in his "ship". The boys had "the best time EVER". We plan to make this an annual trip!

Preschool Programs

Aydan was so sad at the begining of his presentation. He was reaching towards me and crying "I want my Momma". He eventually began to interact a little more.

Aydan and Ethan enjoyed cookies after the performance. YUM!

Aydan and his "best bud" Moseley.

Ethan was loving the camera.

Gavin pinched his finger before his performance that night. He wasn't sure if he would be able to sing but his teacher convinced him that "only he could lead the line of kids into the church" so he decided he could do it...sniffle, sniffle.

Gavin was milking that sore finger for all it was worth!!

After, Gavin enjoyed cookies with his preschool crush...Carly!

Ethan is ONE!!

Ethan wasn't at all concerned about cake and candle on his tray...he was thirsty after eating all that pizza!

After I gave him a sample of the cake he couldn't get enough. It was everywhere! He even tried to lick the plate clean.

Ethan got a few toys and some cash for his Disney trip next year. When he finally got tired of the party, he crawled over to his blankie and started hugging it. He was done and ready for bed!